“Culture eats strategy for lunch” is a quote commonly attributed to famed business consultant Peter Drucker.  While many believe this implies that a company’s business strategy is unimportant, we believe the two, culture and strategy, work hand in hand.  At AccountabilIT, we focus on developing our company culture in order to support our business strategy.

We define culture as "a collective set of beliefs and values”

As such, we understand that the best way to shape a culture is to hire only those individuals that share the same beliefs and values. However, identifying and hiring these individuals is only the beginning.  We see it as our responsibility to ensure our employees are engaged in, challenged by, and rewarded for their work.

The underpinnings of our culture is a total dedication to the customer.  And the use of the word customer versus client reveals the essence of our strategy.  The root of the word “customer” is “custom”.  We use this term because of our strategy of developing custom solutions for each of our customers.  We are a one-to-one provider, versus a one-to-many.  We differentiate ourselves and our services by being able to deliver these custom solutions in a methodology consistent with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices.

- Chuck Vermillion

CEO and Founder of AccountabilIT, LLC.

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