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Patch Management Pointers: Best Practices to Secure Your Systems


Do you have a patch management process in place? If not, you’re opening your organization up to vulnerabilities. It’s time to set up and implement a patch management system that works.  You know all about the serious risks cyber attacks pose these days, but what if we told you that consistently implementing patch management best practices could stop most hackers in their tracks? Patches involve the deployment of new or updated code that fixes mistakes, covers vulnerabilities, improves performance, or adds new features to operating systems, applications and software. Why You Should Prioritize Patching It’s true that patch rollout can feel overwhelming, and if you are part of a small business, you might feel like it’s impossible to keep [...]

Patch Management Pointers: Best Practices to Secure Your Systems2021-09-17T08:23:09-07:00

AccountabilIT Attains Microsoft’s Gold Security Competency Status


AccountabilIT (AIT) has the expertise and capabilities to provide security-related services on Azure and Microsoft 365. They help customers protect networks, data, apps, endpoints, and identities from cyber threats. Scottsdale, September 1, 2021.- AccountabilIT, the rapidly-growing Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP), announced today that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Security Competency status. By attaining this Security Competency, AccountabilIT has proven to have the background, skills, management, and reliability needed for designing, implementing, and managing customer information security using Microsoft solutions. Microsoft awards Gold Competency (its highest certification level) only to partners who exemplify high-level expertise as well as a demonstrated specialization in each technology or service area. The Gold Security Competency is AccountabilIT's 4th Gold Competency awarded [...]

AccountabilIT Attains Microsoft’s Gold Security Competency Status2021-09-01T14:41:08-07:00

What is Hyperconvergence?


Is your organization dealing with patched together legacy systems that are clunky to use and costly to maintain? Learn more about hyperconvergence and why so many businesses are turning to this streamlined IT solution. The Basics of Hyperconvergence Hyperconvergence is an infrastructure that combines computing, storage, networking and virtualization into a single system. This building-block method allows you to expand when and where you need it, reducing the tendency toward overprovision to allow for future growth. Consisting of a hyperconverged platform with a virtual machine monitor (VMM) or hypervisor, this system allows one host computer to support multiple virtual machines that share its resources. In other words, hyperconvergence could be data center infrastructure modernization at its best, thanks to [...]

What is Hyperconvergence?2021-07-14T16:03:14-07:00

Top Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Are Facing in 2021


Last year was one for the record books when it came to cyber attacks on businesses, governments, and individuals. There were more data breaches and heightened sophistication on all fronts from cyber criminals. As we are halfway through 2021, it’s important to take a deep dive into your business and assess how secure your sensitive data, connected devices, and everything else within your IT infrastructure are. Even if you’re a small business (and especially if you’re a small business), cysecurity matters now more than ever. Here’s a look at some of the top threats your business and others are facing in the current climate. Threat #1: Lack of readiness 78% of senior IT and IT security leaders lack confidence in [...]

Top Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Are Facing in 20212021-07-14T15:53:40-07:00

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


The recent wave of cyber attacks in the United States—including the dramatic ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline that caused long fuel lines—may have had you wondering how prone to cyber threats your organization is. Ransomware alone has reached new heights with increasingly targeted attacks, and has seen a 158% spike in North America since 2019. As well, new variants of malware have been identified, malicious files have increased, and cloud tools have become weapons for cybercriminals. Why is cybercrime increasing? There are a number of reasons that are swirling to create a perfect storm for cybercriminals, whose tactics are getting both more refined and more aggressive. For starters, the pandemic sent people home to work, where they would access [...]

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment2021-07-14T15:51:16-07:00

Understanding Cloud Infrastructure


The cloud is far from being an amorphous, indistinct thing. Cloud computing power is actually made possible by several physical, integrated components, including hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking devices. These components are what make up the cloud’s infrastructure, whether you are operating in a public cloud (like Microsoft Azure), private cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. Here we take a closer look at what all these resources are and how they contribute to make the cloud possible. What are the cloud infrastructure components? There are a number of key components that are needed for cloud computing. The four primary ones are hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking. Hardware Physical hardware lays the groundwork for cloud infrastructure and can be positioned in [...]

Understanding Cloud Infrastructure2021-05-19T20:39:50-07:00

Azure Machine Learning and What It Can Do for Your Business


Has your business delved into the exciting world of machine learning yet? This application of artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform the way your business approaches data, from processing it to using it to inform your business practices and solve problems. What is machine learning? It can feel a little fuzzy or futuristic to those outside of IT, but machine learning has very tangible, right-now benefits. At its most basic, machine learning is the task of making computers more intelligent by teaching them to identify patterns in data. Instead of telling a computer how it should behave or what to do, it teaches computers to retrieve data, then it uses that data to learn and process new [...]

Azure Machine Learning and What It Can Do for Your Business2021-05-19T20:36:22-07:00

Here’s How to Develop an ERP Selection Plan


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software selection is a huge undertaking. No matter how large or small your business, your ERP software is a critical piece of your business’ tech stack. It impacts functional areas across the entire organization, from accounting to HR to sales to operations, and so on. Implementation takes time and additional resources, not to mention the cost of a license will be significant. You’re aware that you’ve got to do your due diligence and get this investment right, but perhaps what you are lacking is the “how”: How do you even get started understanding ERP solutions? What selection criteria should you use? We’ve got some answers to get you started. Here are our tips to help [...]

Here’s How to Develop an ERP Selection Plan2021-05-19T20:32:54-07:00

What Your Business Can Gain from IT Strategy Consulting


What is IT strategy consulting and does your business need it? Here we cover some top questions about IT strategy consulting. Say the word “consulting” and many business owners immediately think of a third party that swoops in, tells their business what to do, and then charges a hefty price for it. And yet, bringing in a consultant to help you with certain sticking points in your business can help you be more effective and even more profitable. This can certainly be the case when it comes to bringing together your business and technology. After all, your head is in business strategy and business processes, so when it comes to nailing the technology piece, some outside expertise can make [...]

What Your Business Can Gain from IT Strategy Consulting2021-05-19T20:24:20-07:00

Should You Consider These Technology Trends?


As a business owner or leader, you have access to more technology options than ever before, to the extent that it can seem utterly baffling to keep up. Of the wide range of tech trends, which ones are worthy of your attention and (perhaps a more important question) which ones are worthy of your investment? Business strategy = technology strategyWhat has become evident during the pandemic is the fact that business and technology are intertwined. Today’s business leaders have recognized that technology and business strategies can’t exist in silos, and that both inform the other. The pandemic upended many workplace conventions and business models to the extent that it accelerated digital transformations so that businesses could stay in business. Technology enabled remote [...]

Should You Consider These Technology Trends?2021-04-23T17:00:41-07:00
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