Understanding Cloud Infrastructure


The cloud is far from being an amorphous, indistinct thing. Cloud computing power is actually made possible by several physical, integrated components, including hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking devices. These components are what make up the cloud’s infrastructure, whether you are operating in a public cloud (like Microsoft Azure), private cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. Here we take a closer look at what all these resources are and how they contribute to make the cloud possible. What are the cloud infrastructure components? There are a number of key components that are needed for cloud computing. The four primary ones are hardware, virtualization, storage, and networking. Hardware Physical hardware lays the groundwork for cloud infrastructure and can be positioned in [...]

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Be Prepared with Managed Detection and Response


Amping up your threat intelligence and response is likely important to you, but if you lack the internal resources to do those things well, you may want to consider managed detection and response. What is managed detection and response (MDR)?Managed detection and response services involve cybersecurity and threat hunting provided by an external MDR vendor. It improves threat detection and incident response through continuous monitoring of IT assets. Why does a business need MDR?Many organizations know that cyberattacks are an issue and that fortifying cybersecurity is an important part of doing business, but they may not have the resources in-house to deal with advanced threats and security events. MDR is not a software or application. The emphasis is on service that includes both [...]

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What is a Fractional CIO and How Can One Help Your Business?


When it comes to accessing talent and expertise in certain areas, small-to-medium sized businesses can be at a disadvantage. The big guys have deep pockets for the high leadership headcount that SMBs often do not. While enterprise-level organizations have every “C” in the suite right under their roofs — from CEO to CIO to CMO to CPO and so on — SMBs need to get more creative in identifying how to access the resources that larger businesses have in-house. When it comes to technology leadership, that’s where a fractional CIO (chief information officer) — also known as a virtual CIO or vCIO — comes in.  If you’re one of those smaller businesses that doesn’t have a full-time CIO, you [...]

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Two Truths for a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy


If you are an IT decision maker, you may be one of the many fast-tracking your digital transformation efforts. The technology needs of your business have likely changed, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Or you may be driven to transformation by something else entirely, such as competition, rapid growth, or stagnant legacy systems. Whatever it is pushing you to transform now, you’re probably already familiar with the “what” and “why.” You may have even been brought to your role specifically to disrupt the digital status quo, with an end goal to produce better business outcomes. If so, you’re not just looking to implement new technologies. You’re charged with a full-scale overhaul of the organization’s very philosophy of and approach [...]

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Understanding RTO and RPO


The success of any disaster recovery plan hinges on whether or not two key metrics are achieved: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). But what do those two metrics mean, exactly, and why do they matter? While the two sound somewhat similar, they actually have very different roles in your disaster recovery plan and can help you achieve business continuity in the face of disruption or downtime. Recovery Time & Point Objectives Defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO) can be defined as how quickly your systems or applications must be back online following a disaster. In other words, how much time after a disaster occurs can acceptably pass before systems are recovered without significant damage to the [...]

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Six Times Your Business Could Benefit from Remote Desktop Support


It’s amazing to think about how much work and the types of work that are done remotely these days. Events in the past year accelerated the shift to remote working for a number of different companies and roles, and for many, it was not an easy transition. One industry that was already ahead of the game? IT support, which has been delivering help from afar to end users for many years. But if you haven’t had the opportunity to really leverage remote desktop support before, you might be surprised at the types of IT support tasks that can be done remotely. Here we take a look at what exactly remote desktop support is, as well as six times it can provide speedy [...]

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How Cloud Services Can Ensure You Make the Most of Your Investment


How Cloud Services Can Ensure You Make the Most of Your Investment There are solid financial and operational reasons to be in the cloud. But once you embrace the cloud, where do you go from there? How can you make sure you’re leveraging everything your cloud has to offer —  whether you’re on a public cloud platform, in a private cloud, or working with a hybrid cloud deployment model — so that you’re maximizing your cloud spend? Cloud computing services help you realize the potential of the cloud for your business, so you can take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and mobility available to help you run and grow a modern and efficient business. Here are six ways [...]

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What Does Outsourced IT Support Even Do?


Considering outsourcing your IT support, but not quite sure what services are covered or what an engagement with an outside IT provider would look like day-to-day? Businesses rely on technology to keep all of their operations running smoothly. But the question becomes, who keeps the technology running smoothly — especially if you’re working on a small budget or with a small team? Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, or even an enterprise-level company, you can benefit from having an external provider deliver some or all of the IT functions your business needs. Here are some of the most common services an outsourced IT company provides: Remote support/service desk support What this is: This resource can gain remote access [...]

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AccountabilIT Named One of the World’s Top MSSPs


What does it take to be one of the world’s top managed security service providers (MSSPs)? We’ve got it. Find out why it matters to you. For the fourth year running, AccountabilIT has been named to a prestigious list of the world’s top 250 MSSPs, updated each September. Our best-in-class services and customer-first culture has helped us climb the list several notches: in 2020, we placed in the top 35% (ranked at #88 out of 250), up from the top 40% in 2019 (when we ranked #78 out of 200). "It's an honor to be named to the MSSP Alert Top 250 Managed Security Services List for the fourth year in a row," said Chuck Vermillion, AccountabilIT CEO. "As [...]

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HEALTH CARE Cybersecurity Services


All health care providers and their business associates are hot targets for cyber attacks regardless of size or industry! At AccountabilIT we understand that technology advancements make information exchange among health care providers easier, flexible and more virtual. Which is wonderful when it comes to patient experience and for operational efficiencies, however, we also understand how quickly it can become complicated when viewed through the lens of compliance requirements. The result is a need for a full-time staff or service provider that is HIPAA compliant and dedicated to ensuring your environment stays secure and compliant. This is where our Health Care Cybersecurity solution comes in. We solve your needs. Our Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliant [...]

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