Azure Migrations

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At this point, most businesses are past wondering if or when they should migrate to the cloud. Today’s companies realize that technology is too inner connected to efficiency, scalability and profitability to resist this next iteration. Modern IT infrastructures have the ability to accelerate innovation and foster a user experience that fuels internal and external audiences alike. The conversation of “if” and “when” might be over but now there is a bigger question – “how?”

Newer organizations are presented with a fresh start to IT infrastructure design but most are faced with how to begin moving their legacy environment to the cloud. Migration plans require thorough discovery. After years of operating in a traditional on-premises environment, things are probably a little sticky, and it’s hard to get a handle on what and how everything is connected.

AccountabilIT has designed a process that effectively captures your workloads, forecasts usage and secures your policies.

A Process Born From Personal Experience

Because our company operates from Azure, and we monitor both on-premises and Azure workloads from our Network Operations Center, we know how to properly architect an Azure environment for long-term success. We know how to design because we know what it takes to monitor an environment while keeping it available and reliable.

Easily Identifiable First Moves to Azure

  • Identity/ADFS
  • Workload migration
  • ASR
  • Backup

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