Azure Platform-as-a-Service Monitoring

Complete Azure Monitoring Alongside Your Existing Infrastructure

Is your business largely driven by applications? If so, then you need a service that monitors applications and services in cloud environments and on-premises. You need data monitoring to increase your visibility into the operation of your computing environment, and to deliver insights into the availability, performance, and usage of your web applications.

Like other companies, you may be evolving to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, but although these solutions are key for making business happen, what they lack is daily monitoring and management support.

Adding in this monitoring and management support link is critical for the growth, efficiency, and success of your business. Through AccountabilIT’s history of industry-leading advancements with Microsoft System Center, we are now on the front line again, offering Azure Platform Services Monitoring using our established foundation as a managed services provider.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is the engine behind our managed services success, and now we are able to leverage our knowledge to provide this evolutionary solution.

Reduce development costs, improve flexibility and timeliness, and proactively respond to critical conditions with Azure PaaS monitoring.

An Established Solution For A New Movement

This shift to a PaaS solution alleviates development costs on infrastructure and provides businesses with more flexibility and timeliness. Until now, the burden has typically fallen on development teams for daily management.

The PaaS monitoring solution eliminates that burden by enabling the AccountabilIT NOC to monitor the availability and performance of your application resources, detect problems in mere seconds, and get powerful insights from your data. We are currently monitoring business-critical applications around the world, leading the industry with these advancements.

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