Disaster Recovery

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

For many industries a business continuity plan and its associated disaster recovery plan is becoming a requirement and not an option. An increasing number of laws and regulations are now specifying or implying requirements to have disaster recovery capability in place. Businesses are challenged with balancing the cost of adding disaster recovery capabilities to the infrastructure with the likelihood of an event.

We can help plan your environment so that you are equipped to execute your disaster recovery plan in accordance with your recovery tiers so that you can meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Four Phases

Our four-phase approach to enabling a DR plan will ensure that you are prepared.

1. Assessment

Conduct business impact analysis to identify business systems by recovery tier to establish recovery point and recovery time objectives. Identify existing DR capabilities and processes.

2. Design

Organize existing capabilities and structure new capabilities into a comprehensive response plan in the event of a disaster. Fold the plan into the broader business continuity plan.

3. Implement

Deploy disaster recovery capabilities into the IT environment and train your staff on the execution of the DR plan.

4. Testing

Simulate the action of a disaster event that triggers the disaster recovery plan. Work with users to ensure that RPO/RTO is met and identify opportunities for improvement.