Managed Services

Set Your Business up for Success.

Stop settling for mediocre, unresponsive IT Support. Your business deserves a trustworthy IT Company that puts YOUR needs first. We’ll proactively monitor every aspect of your business’s technology to prevent problems from becoming an issue in the first place. All-inclusive IT support for a fixed, affordable rate is what we offer to our customers.

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Managed Services

Set Your Business up for Success.

We’ll proactively monitor every aspect of your business’s technology to prevent problems from cropping up in the first place. We provide you with all-inclusive IT support for a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

Exceptional Support

You need an IT Company that actively manages your IT infrastructure, delivers exceptional support to your end-users, and engages you as a business partner, ensuring your making effective and timely technology decisions.
  • Help Desk Support
    Ask for professional help and get it without additional costs. Our help desk team is already part of the package so you do not have to worry about on-site billing.

  • Network Monitoring
    Our team of IT experts evaluates your IT technology regularly and report issues before it affects the network infrastructure. Expect us to be on top of things 24/7/365.

  • Comprehensive Data Backup
    Never suffer from data loss and security threats again with our backup disaster recovery solutions. We use the latest technology to keep threats at bay.

  • Cloud Services
    We offer cloud services for off-site backup, desktop, server and email tools, among others.

  • Proactive Maintenance
    We maintain your network and integrate emerging technology to keep its overall health top-notch. Our proactive approach is to update all workstations and improve the level of protection for consistent technical efficiency.

  • Advanced CyberSecurity
    Reduce malicious attacks by keeping your networks and PCs under control with the latest antivirus and malware protection tools.

  • Virtual CIO
    Our IT consulting team will meet with your company quarterly to discuss how to streamline business processes with IT solutions.

What You Can Expect.

Peace Of Mind. Around-the-clock monitoring to ensure consistent up-time. Leave your office every evening knowing that the security and well-being of your company is in good hands.
  • Less Downtime.
    We’ll anticipate failures before they happen, and proactively resolve them so they don’t affect your business.

  • Fewer Disruptions.
    Maintenance services can be performed remotely, and overnight, so you can focus on your business, not on IT.

  • Leverage Technology Better.
    We’ll provide insight as to how to improve your systems so your business is always on top.

A successful formula for success.

A successful formula for today’s businesses includes focusing resources on strategic initiatives that differentiate your business from your competition. The day–to–day management of your applications and IT infrastructure can cause your resources to lose focus on the initiatives that help your business to grow.

The right IT partner will enable your resources to remain focused on your competitive differentiators and improve the quality of service experienced by your users.

Capability & Experience

Allowing an IT partner to manage your IT environment requires trust. AccountabilIT’s Managed Services delivers services consistent with industry standard best practice frameworks including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Our internally developed management framework ensures the timely delivery of services in an efficient and effective manner while maintaining the care and flexibility that you would expect from your internal IT staff. Combining a customer intimate service delivery approach with standardized management practices enable us to balance efficiency with flexibility that reduces your risk and improves service.

Our scalable service delivery model enables your access to an increased depth of resource knowledge and expertise by leveraging our resources to deliver access to the latest technologies and a depth of understanding of existing technology. Our customers pay a predictable recurring cost‚ and receive services that are guaranteed by service level agreements.

Our Administrative Services

Focus on the needs of your business and we’ll handle the rest

Systems administration is the most fundamental building block of any IT services practice. However‚ fundamental does not equate to basic or simple. Internal IT systems are progressively becoming more and more complex as vendors extend features deeper into their product stack. The addition of cloud hosting options increases the complexity of the systems environment by adding disparate architectures‚ capabilities‚ and vendors to your decentralized environment.

A comprehensive systems design combines your internal capabilities with cloud–based offerings to deliver the best possible solution for your business. Our experts in on premise–based and cloud services are an extension of your internal IT staff. We manage the day to day needs of your IT environment. Automation and orchestration ensure systems are managed in a consistent manner and system risks are proactively identified and remediated before they cause a disruption to your business.

Our System Administration includes:

  • Guaranteed response and resolution time
  • Patching and vulnerability remediation
  • 24/7 monitoring of services
  • Remote support for issue resolution
  • Robust reporting for capacity planning

Protecting and Optimizing Your Critical Data

A poorly managed database environment causes a severe detrimental impact on a business. Poor performance causes a slowdown in worker productivity which results in real costs to your bottom line. System outages and data loss impacts customer trust and a breach of data can result public embarrassment to the business.

Questions to ask about your Database environment:

  • Is my environment getting better or just getting by?
  • What happens if a database goes offline?
  • In the event of a disaster how much data can you tolerate losing?
  • What is the cost of replacing the data that you lost during a disaster?
  • What is the cost of lost business in the event of an outage or data loss?

Effective database management improves the performance of the business and minimizes the risk for outages and loss of data. Efficient database management reduces cost to the business by managing database growth and sprawl with archival and consolidation planning. AccountabilIT’s database management service addresses the following dynamics.

Availability – Practical database design will align your environment with your availability requirement. We can help whether you need a single SQL server or a highly available “geo dispersed”, “always on” failover cluster that requires zero data loss.

Recoverability – Ensuring backups ran and that the backups are usable are the two most important tasks of a database administrator. We are constantly monitoring to ensure that your backups complete and execute according to schedule.

Performance Maintenance and Tuning – Additional capacity is not always the best answer for a slow or non-performing environment. We can analyze your environment for inefficient execution and ensure that you are receiving the maximum return on your infrastructure investment.

Consolidations‚ Migrations and Upgrades –Thorough capacity planning ensures that your environment is right sized. We can plan and manage changes in your environment to ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest capabilities and that your environment is efficiently sized.

Your people aren’t working if your network goes down

Network connectivity is the backbone of your business. Today’s networks are under increased pressure from the business to reduce costs while increasing capacity and capability. The network manager must also ensure that the network remains secure from external threats to its confidentiality and integrity.

Our network administration services provide customers remote‚ enterprise–wide network monitoring and management.

AccountabilIT’s network services ensure that you can:

  • Manage your capacity to meet current demand and plan for future business needs.
  • Rapidly respond to network vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Count on the survivability and availability of your environment during a service disruption.
  • Reduce the cost to support your environment and access a diverse skill set.
  • Respond to service interruptions through 24/7 availability monitoring.

Your applications inform the decisions that your business makes on a daily basis.

Ensuring that those applications are available and making information available to the right people at the right time is a top priority. Incorrect application design and deployment leads to poor performance which affects the bottom line of your business.

Application administration is a complex mix of database interaction‚ infrastructure support and user design. AccountabilIT’s application management teams are dedicated to maintaining applications in a configuration optimized to meet each customer’s specific needs. We work with your internal resources and third party solution integrators to monitor and ensure the high performance of each application.

In addition to Infor LN (Baan)‚ Microsoft Dynamics AX‚ and OracleEBS and JDEdwards‚ other applications we support and design include a number of Microsoft Business Solutions products like Dynamics CRM‚ Exchange‚ and SharePoint.


You need prompt attention when an issue arises. Availability is essential and we consistently deliver superior quality IT solutions. Our team responds within 30 minutes of any request.


Downtime is not an option. AccountabilIT keeps an active pulse on your technology infrastructure, allowing us to anticipate problems and resolve them quickly before they become bigger issues.


Call us anytime, day or night. Your business demands your undivided attention, and our IT support team is always available to resolve even the smallest of problems. Less worrying, more production.

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