Service Desk

The Path to Resolution Starts Here

Service disruption can be a high cost for your company. When your users cannot access their systems or information they cannot be productive which translates to cost and lost revenue. Our Service Desk team is equipped to provide rapid response and resolution to service disruptions experienced by your users.

In addition to providing front line support for AccountabilIT’s services‚ our Service Desk can become an extension of your existing support staff by providing triage and resolution for your internally managed services. We can work with your internal application managers or your third party service providers to develop a triage plan for assessing‚ resolving‚ and escalating requests for services not provided by AccountabilIT.

Our Service Desk service is supported by a mature management model and the right support tool set to quickly respond and resolve requests from your users.

Our capabilities to handle multi-language and global presence is available 24×7.

Let us help attain and maintain a happy user community for your business.